Why come in contact before 4:00 in the morning?

The GoodyVibe system recalculates each user's energy at 4 o'clock in the morning.
If you have not entered in contact before this schedule, the conversation thread will not be created.
You have the day to make a decision!

How do I know if I have received a message? ("Conversations")

A) When the application is closed, a notification appears.
It tells you the person's first name and message.
By clicking on it, you open GoodyVibe and access your email.
b) When the application is open, a color point on "conversations" indicates the arrival of a message.

After receiving a "GoodyVibe ", I started a conversation with a person.
The next day we are not compatible, does that mean I have to stop this relationship?

Absolutely not! One of the missions of GoodyVibe is to connect all the users according to their energies.
Whatever your energy of the day GoodyVibe chooses for you the best proposals.
If you have started a conversation it is that you were inevitably compatible, that you have mutually received a "GoodyVibe ", that you are interested to meet you or simply attracted to one another.
Starting a story is crucial and that's why this application was partly created.
Once you have started trading, your contact remains in the wire of your email and you can at any time communicate, meet you.... even if the next day you are not necessarily compatible.
The mission of GoodyVibe is simple: the best meetings at the best time!
Then your will, your desires and your choices will happily make the difference.

Does my email disappear at the end of the day?

No, your conversation leads will stay active as long as you want.

How do I delete or erase a conversation?

Click on "Conversations", you access the various threads of conversations. Select the profile/conversation you want to delete.
At the top right click on the three vertical dots (Android)/Three horizontal dots (IOS).
You can "quit the conversation".
NB: If you leave the conversation, all the selected mail thread will disappear and you can no longer get in touch with the person.
If you want to contact this person again, you will have to wait until you are back compatible with them to send them a "GoodyVibe" or a "Vibe" and hope for a return on their part!

Can a deleted contact be reactivated?

Yes, provided that you are again compatible with this person and that your mutual "GoodyVibe" will activate the message again.
Remember that the energies change every day and you will be able to cross this person again.

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