TAB "Around Me ""

Can I use the application without enabling geolocation?

In all cases and for optimum service, GoodyVibe requires geolocation.
You can also useyour the application with the "discreet" mode which is located at the top left of the map (small phantom). This allows you to disappear "from the map" but to remain visible in the "All Profiles" tab.
In "discreet" mode, no one sees you on the map but you continue to see everyone!

How do I see, from the map "around me", that a person is nearby?

When the person enters the perimeter you have selected, you will receive a notification "a new user is very close compatible".
By clicking on it, the profile of the person concerned appears and you can send him a "Vibe" or a "GoddyVibe".
You also have the option of "navigating" on the map with the touch screen of your smartphone to see more people.
The screen is touch-sensitive, and you can enlarge or shrink the map.
This allows you to wander around your region, your country or the world!

How do I get back to my starting point on the map "Around me"?

With the symbol at the top right of the map.

Can I view a profile from the map?

Yes, when you look at the map, you can click on the photos and view the profiles.

How come I don't see everyone on the map? Why are some profiles present in the "All profiles" space and not on the map?

When you are in town and there are a lot of people compatible with you (around you and depending on your distance settings), the application is sometimes "saturated" with photos. In these cases, you will see fewer people on the map (around me) but you will have access to all the compatible profiles by selecting "All Profiles".
In addition some people use the "discreet" mode (small phantom at the top left of the map) so as not to be seen on the map.

Do other users see my position accurately? Do the users see where you are?

The only person who sees precisely your position is you! Other users can see you on the map but your position is deliberately shifted. In the same way when you see other users, their positions are not accurate.
This protects the privacy of all users.

TAB "All Profiles "

How is it that I see other colors of energy than mine in the space "all profiles"?

The colours violet, blue and turquoise are systematically connected because they are the highest energy values. The colors yellow, orange are also associated because relatively compatible.

Why are there multiple profile ratings in the same color?

GoodyVibe is a voluntarily selective application.
Our system selects the most compatible profiles with you from the highest energy to the least intense. You see first the best profiles, then come the less strong values.
This is the same procedure for all colors.

There are days when I am compatible with many people and sometimes I see very little world, is it normal?

GoodyVibe is a selective application that only introduces you to compatible people.
Depending on your energy, the number of profiles varies, the quality is preferred to the quantity.
If you have already experienced dating applications, you know that many of the profiles offered do not automatically mean beautiful encounters!
In general, the higher your energy is the less the choice is wide but it is much more qualitative.

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