How do I adjust my choices?

First select the symbol "discover" at the bottom of your screen.
Then click on the top right on the reverse triangle.

Can I select man and woman at the same time for a friendly, sentimental or flirty encounter?


Can I select a friendly, sentimental or flirty meeting at the same time?

No, for GoodyVibe to introduce you to the best profiles, you must select either a friendly meeting, a sentimental encounter or a flirting encounter.

How is it that despite my choices no results appear?

Your geo-location setting may not be wide enough, you can increase the number of km (from 1 to 1000 km).
It is possible that no profile is compatible with you in the age range you have selected, broaden your age selection.
You still do not have a compatible profile for the moment! This can evolve over the course of time depending on your travels and that of other users.
As soon as you come across a person compatible with you, you will receive a notification "a new user is very close compatible" click on the notification, the compatible profile appears.

Why when you select "All age groups" the profiles do not respect the chronological order of age (from the youngest to the oldest)?

It is not the photo, the age or the social situation that determines the classification of the profiles. Our algorithm selects the most compatible profiles with you, from the highest energy to the least intense. You can, however, use the filter key to select the age brackets you want to see. Good to know: it is possible that people who have selected "All ages " Can see your profile when they did not enter your search criteria. Even if these people are compatible with you, the difference in age or geographical distance will quickly allow you to identify them.

Energies change every day, under these conditions how can I stop my choice?

Depending on your energy of the day GoodyVibe presents all the compatible profiles.
This allows you to contact people with whom the feeling will necessarily pass better because you are compatible.
This is a huge advantage, GoodyVibe is a facilitator of encounters.
However, you have the day to get in touch because at 4hours in the morning GoodyVibe recalculates your energy.
The next day you may not be more compatible with someone you liked and it sometimes takes days (or weeks) before being compatible again...
The energy subtleties are numerous and this forces us positively to enter the "magic" of compatibility when it is offered to us.
Of course, you always remain in control of the situation and it is your desires, your will and your strokes of hearts that will always decide your choices...

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