How to register ?

How to download the GoodyVibe mobile app?

Step 1:
Depending on your mobile phone, click Apple Store or Google Play store.
​​ Step 2:
Write GoodyVibe in the search bar and click the "Install " button

Can I connect using a Facebook account?

Yes and the application will never publish on your wall.

Can I connect without Facebook account?

Yes thanks to a valid email address. If your address is not valid your account will be deleted.

How do I choose my photo?

You are free to put the photos of your choice. However you will increase your chances of getting "GoodyVibe" by posting photos where you are alone, crisp photos, natural photos. It is best to avoid group photos, blurred photos, or taken from afar...
Photos of a racist or sexual nature will be deleted as well as your account.

How to talk about me in 140 characters?

With 140 characters, you can present the strengths of your personality and more particularly express yourself on what you love, your wishes, your passions, your vision of life...
Be aware that you can modify or enrich your bio within the application at any time, in your "My Profile" "edit" space.
NB: Take care in the development of your bio as it is your business card!

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