My energy

How can the GoodyVibe system evaluate my energy?

GoodyVibe Jostles All the codes established in the universe of the encounter.
With a mini questionnaire at the time of your download, the system calculates your energy.
It is not your photo, date of birth or any other personal data that allows the operation of GoodyVibe.
For some of you this may require a time of adaptation.
Be curious, just let yourself be carried and experiment by yourself!
Every encounter brings sensations and energy directly influences the nature of the exchanges:
You can be good with someone, have a good feeling or on the contrary feel uncomfortable!
These are natural, instinctive and spontaneous reactions. GoodyVibe evaluates your energetic and emotional variations, the whole range of human feelings as well as your moods.
It recognizes the frequency in which you find yourself.
It also takes into account your chronobiology and presents you each day compatible profiles. After a week, GoodyVibe understands more and more your energy.
Every day that passes strengthens the efficiency of the system so that you can benefit from the best connections. GoodyVibe is the first application in the world that takes into account an essential factor in the interaction: energy. This new and unique system is the result of 25 years of experimentation, research and work.

My energy is "strong" but what does it correspond to?

When you are in the application, go to the tab "my Energy" and "learn more about energies": you will have the explanations of your color for the day.

Is it normal to be the same color of energy for several days?

This is possible even if most of the time our energies Change day after day. Being of the same color for several days means that you are going through a stable period in relation to that color.
For example if you are purple for several days it shows that you are experiencing an excellent energy period that must be fully enjoyed.
On the other hand, a persistent red energy for several days indicates a light search, a desire for fun.

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