How about deciding to meet better?

 A emotionally happy society
brings necessarily a better world !        

Our values

You are not a person lost in the crowd!  

Energy compatibility gives assurance for a more fluid relationship, on the same wavelength,

with a mutual feeling. 

GoodyVibe is a selective application, it means that you won't see the whole Earth every day

but only people that suit you the best!       


Do you want to meet differently?  

GoodyVibe is a humanist project and we place users at the centre of all our concerns. Our mission is to offer everyone the opportunity to make the most beautiful encounters at the best time.


What do you think of a service that every day introduces you to the best people?                             

With GoodyVibe, you'll never lose your time with profiles that don't match you.



Do you want an application that takes into account your sensitivity and emotions? 

Our application takes feelings very seriously in all their forms. 

We are convinced that in the emotional field, there are no bad people but just bad encounters at the wrong time! 


How about an application where there is never money issues, where your search criteria and distances are respected?

For GoodyVibe the human being is not a number,

A commodity or a simple bank account! 

Each person is unique and carries in it its history, its values and its education.

Thanks to its totally innovative system, GoodyVibe allows each of us to meet energy complementarities.
These provide a very superior relational base to meetings that are subject to mere coincidence.           

Of course that doesn't stop you from having fun, flirting, looking for great love or friendship! 
All this is possible (and desirable!) and using GoodyVibe, you benefit from effective shortcuts, you go to the basics.

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