How come I receive compatibility notifications from people I haven't seen in the "All Profiles" space?

The person concerned has just crossed your route when it was previously outside of your search for kilometers. She has just opened her application or changed her settings (she's passed for example from sentimental search to friendly).

How do I know if my "GoodyVibe" has been taken into account?

1) Thanks to the GoodyVibe logo attached to the photo of the person you selected.
2) at the bottom of the application screen, select the "GoodyVibe" key and you will see in the "GoodyVibes sent" section the photo of the person you sent.
This one has just received a notification from you.

How come I don't have any answers to my "GoodyVibes"?

To have an answer it is necessary that the person to whom you have sent a "GoodyVibe" you address one also.

What's the difference between a Vibe and a GoodyVibe?

With Vibe! You discreetly report your interest without revealing yourself. If the person you sent a vibe to finds your profile interesting and that in turn it also sends you a vibe! The GoodyMatch page opens.
Then you can start the conversation.
With the sending of a GoodyVibe! , the person you selected will be immediately informed that you like his profile.

How to report an inappropriate photo (racist, pornographic,...)?

1) by clicking on "Conversations", you access the various conversations threads.
Select the profile you want to report.
Click on the top right on the three vertical dots (Android) and three horizontal dots (IOS).
You can "quit the conversation" or "postpone an abuse".
2) from "All Profiles": When you call a photo, you will find at the top right the three points that open the "Report Abuse" tab. NB: Your alerts will be processed as soon as possible by the GoodyVibe team.

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